Search Engine Optimization Tactics

You need a compelling, focused website that other sites naturally link to. New content should be added often and content on the home page should be updated regularly. 

Understand where your target audience gets their information, and get your website in front of them.  Dominate your circle of influence. Write compelling, keyword relevant articles and press releases.

Make sure your content is easy to find and to be open to syndication. Utilize a blog to manage articles and press releases.

The content on your home page needs to change often and point to new and updated pages on your site. Other websites need to be excited about linking to your website.  Patience is required.

Specific tactics include:

  • Thorough keyword analysis in terms of relevance, competition, and frequency. 
  • Customize Title Tags with focused keywords on every page.  This includes meta descriptions and meta keywords in line with title tags. 
  • Eliminate excessive content that might be perceived as spam from pages with high keyword density and verbose alt tags.
  • Optimize all HTML code and eliminate extraneous computer code.  Large amounts of computer code, like CSS and JavaScript, are placed in separate files to avoid distracting search engine spiders. 
  • All content is reviewed and edited staying focused on the keyword phrases targeted for each particular page.  On-page keyword  consistency is achieved through meta tags, link text, page headers and content. 
  • Page content is moved as high as possible in the source code, making it more relevant to search engines indexing web pages.   
  • File size of individual pages is reduced by taking out old links and superfluous verbiage and by re-optimizing large image files.
  • All outgoing links are reviewed and any suspicious or unrelated links are eliminated. 
  • Create areas on the website where content can be easily added and facilitate frequent updates. 
  • Increase one-way, related inbound links that are embedded in sentences.  Unrelated links are avoided altogether.
  • Establish long term objectives and responsibilities for developing good quality, original content.
  • Foster ways to entice other websites to link to you through special offers, syndicated content, industry articles, free Web tools,  etc. This method of natural linking is regarded as the only legitimate way to build links, and is vital for success.

Every client is unique in the terms of situation and opportunity. After gathering key metrics on the search engine status of your website, we can quickly clarify which tactics that will have the greatest impact. 

Because search engine optimization must be natural and unforced to work, a 12-month program is required to initiate any meaningful program.  Monthly budgets of our search optimization clients range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

If your business can profit from increased search engine rankings and you are committed to doing it right, we can help.

Contact one of our search engine marketing specialists today for a free consultation and to discuss your return on investment considerations. 




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